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  • How About Buying a Pedal Assist Electric Bike of Around 1500 USD?

    Electric bike or E-bike is the general call for all bikes with electrical power assistance. A special type of electric bicycles that must be pedaled is called Pedelec bike. Pedelec bike is driven by a hybrid of “manpower + electric power”, that is pe …

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  • electric bike

    How to use electric bike scientifically

    Scientifically use of electric bike helps the battery to extend its renewal ability and longevity. When riding, you can pay attention to less climbing, slow acceleration, less braking, avoid braking and sometimes make the electric road bike be in a c …

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  • Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike Hit the Market

    Fat Folding electric bike is always the sales champion in folding series. Equipped with comfortable but compact 20’’*4 tires, BestarMotor fat folding can be conveniently folded in order to store and transport more easily. BestarMotor has the abilty t …

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