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  • How to Anti – Theft of Electric Bicycle

    Since the weight of the whole car of the electric bike is not more than 40 kilograms, it can bring certain difficulty to the anti – theft. In the burglar alarm system developed by the manufacturer, there is a facility which is quite practical. …

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  • The Using Key Point of Electric Bicycle

    Don’t make the electric bicycle is damaged, for example, do not let the water flooded the center of the motor, controller, startup must open the lock of the car, shut off after the switch. When the tire is inflated at ordinary times, it should …

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  • Main Points of Maintenance of Electric Bicycles

    The electric bike should be maintained every half a year, the transmission parts should be lubricated and rustproof, the fasteners should be strengthened, and the fastening degree of spokes should be adjusted.   When charging the battery, plug t …

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