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  • Three Other Modifications of Motorized Bicycle

    Additional battery   Series a section with the original battery of the same specifications of the battery, overvoltage, so that the motor over-frequency operation. Note: after the series position is the switch line, keep the voltage of the switc …

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  • How Long is the Battery Life of an E-Bike?

    Although e-bikes are now cheaper to charge than traditional fuel vehicles. However, since the e-bikes itself is sold at a high price, and the battery life is relatively short, the replacement battery will also be a huge expense, so the cost obstacle …

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  • Electric Bicycle Motor Maintenance Course

    In all normal conditions of engine, the engine or battery failure will make it difficult to start, or even unable to start. In this case, first of all, to understand the use of starter and battery, in order to roughly determine the fault location. &n …

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