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  • Why does the Motor Sometimes Rotate and Sometimes Stop?

    1, the battery of electric bicycle is not enough, charge the battery. 2, battery contact bad, adjust contact position or polish contact. Bad contact between the safety tube and the seat in the battery box, adjust or replace it to make it good. The sp …

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  • What if the Electric Bike Doesn’t Work?

    Check that the battery output of the electric bike is normal. If the output is too low to prove that the battery is out of order, it is urgent to replace the battery. Check the switch. A positive pole and signal line with a short wire switch which, i …

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  • The Reason of Electric Bicycles Motor Not Turning

    1, fuse on battery box burn out, replace fuse. 2, the battery box of electric bicycles fuse contact is bad, adjust fuse tube, make it contact well. The contact on the battery box is not in good contact, adjust the contact so that it is in good contac …

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