Maintenance of Three Daily Elements of Electric Bikes

The characteristics of the battery used in the electric bicycles are that the discharge current is small, the point time is long, the discharge depth is deep, and the charge cannot be charged while driving.


The longer the journey is, the deeper the discharge depth is. If you drive 30 km2 a day, the discharge depth is about 60%. Therefore, in order to maintain the battery of electric bicycles, first of all, we should choose the power battery.


The battery should be firmly installed.


In order to maintain the battery, then make sure that the battery is firmly installed on the motorized bikes to prevent the battery from vibration and damage when riding.


3, more cleaning battery box dirt.


Always remove dust and dirt from the battery box. Keep the battery dry and clean to prevent the battery from discharging on its own. This may seem trivial, but it is very useful for maintaining battery performance.